🟦TSMC Announces 2nm Process

TSMC "2-nano" semiconductor details to be mass-produced in 2025

🟦TSMC2nm Process Performance Announced

TSMC has revealed the performance of the ultra-advanced 2nm process. The current generation will be the next generation of 5nm processes. We have already acquired a site for a dedicated plant near our headquarters in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, and plan to start construction by the end of this year and start production in 2025. The 2nm process provides a 3-10% speed increase at the same power and a 15-25% power reduction at the same speed compared to 30nm.
TSMC’s 2nm process changes the transistor structure from the current mainstream FinFET to GAA (gate-all-around). FinFETs, which conduct current in the horizontal direction, are approaching the limit of miniaturization. Therefore, the trend is for advanced processes to shift to GAA structures in which current flows perpendicular to each company.

  • TSMC’s Advanced Semiconductor Process
    • 2018~ 7nm process
    • 2020~ 5nm process
    • 2022~ 3nm process
    • 2025~ 2nm process

🟦2025nm processes will be the most advanced until 3

In the second half of 2022, the previous generation of 2nm processes with 3nm processes is expected to appear. In the 3nm process, FINFLEX is newly introduced to optimally adjust product performance, power efficiency, and chip area. FINFLEX allows you to select the best process option for each major functional block on the same die. Three options are available: 3-2 FIN, 2-2 FIN, and 2-1FIN.

  • 3-2 FIN â€“ Fastest clock frequency and highest performance for the highest performance operations
  • 2-2 FIN â€“ Balance of efficient performance, power efficiency and chip area
  • 2-1 FIN â€“ Lowest power consumption, maximum chip area efficiency


Mass production of TSMC 2nm process in 2025, until then, utilization of 3nm process for about 2.5 years

TSMC’s processes are revamped every two years. Since the 2nm process changes the transistor structure, it seems to take a period of 2.2 years.

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