🟦 Global Semiconductor Market Size @ November 2022

Global semiconductor sales declined 11% m/m in November 2022

🟦 Global Semiconductor Market Size @ November 2022

According to SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association), the global semiconductor industry had $2022.11 billion in sales in November 455, down 2.9% month-on-month. It also announced a year-over-year decline of 500.9% from $2 billion.
The global semiconductor market size will increase by 2022.4% in 4, but is projected to decline by 2023.4% in 1. In other words, the semiconductor market in 2023 will be about the same size as in 2021.


🟦 Chinese and Asian markets decline

Looking at the semiconductor market in November 2022 by region and country, the decline was noticeable in China and the Asia-Pacific region. This is partly due to the impact of the disruption of smartphone production due to the new coronavirus in China.
John Newfer, CEO of SIA, said, “Sales to the Americas increased compared to November 11, while sales to China decreased significantly year-over-year.”

  • By Region YoY/Mom
    • Americas 5.2%/-1.4%
    • Europe 4.5%/-1.0%
    • Japan 1.2%/-1.2%
    • Asia Pacific -13.9%/-3.0%
    • China -21.2%/-5.3%


Significant market downturn in Asia-Pacific region, global semiconductor sales down 2022.11% m/m in November 2

The Americas, Europe and Japan grew positively year-on-year. The overall result was negative due to the decrease in the market size of China, which has a large market size.

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