🟦BMW and Allegro partner for inverters for EVs

Allegro Microsystems and BMW have formed a partnership to improve electric vehicle technologies.
BMW - High Efficiency Traction Inverters Collaboration | Allegro MicroSystems
Allegro MicroSystems today announced that BMW Group has selected Allegro as the sole Current Sensor IC supplier for thei...

🟦Alliance with BMW on High-Efficiency Inverters for Allegro Microsystems EVs

 BMW has announced that it has selected Allegro MicroSystems as its exclusive supplier of current sensor ICs for its traction inverter systems. Allegro plans to provide a precision current sensor IC for these systems.

🟦Improving EV Performance and Safety

 Through this partnership, BMW’s electric vehicles (EVs) will be able to minimize power losses and improve both driving experience and range. This will be achieved by using highly accurate and efficient current sensors. Additionally, these sensors make the system safer and more reliable. Allegro’s current sensor ICs offer overcurrent detection and self-diagnostics, allowing BMW to reduce the number of components in the traction inverter while maintaining the highest levels of safety and reliability.


 Allegro Microsystems and the BMW Group have formed a partnership to improve the efficiency of traction inverters in battery electric vehicles. This collaboration enhances energy efficiency, driving experience, and safety.

 Allegro Microsystems is actually a subsidiary of Sanken Electric in Japan. This partnership serves as a great example of international technical cooperation.

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