Intel is back

Intel CEO said AMD's lead in CPU market would end

🟩 Intel declares itself to lead the CPU market once again

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger commented on AMD’s competition in the CPU market in an interview. Currently, rivals AMD is doing well with the server CPU “Epyc” manufactured by the TSMC7nm process and the client CPU “Ryzen”. AMD’s CPU share has grown over the past few years, increasing 4.2 percentage points year-over-year to 22.5% in the second quarter of 2021.

But with Intel’s next-generation CPU offerings, he said, “the time when AMD can say it’s the lead is over.”

🟩 Next-generation products surpass in terms of overall strength

AlderLake, the next generation of client CPUs, is coming soon. SapphireRapids, the next generation of Xeon server CPUs, will be available early next year. Intel will manufacture next-generation CPUs in Intel7 (nm) processes. Intel7 is a process that was called 10nm Enhanced SuperFin. We emphasize that this next-generation CPU has an edge over AMD products.

Compete with total strength

We compete with the strength of our collective strength to have superiority in all aspects such as products, chip packaging, processes, software, AI, graphics, media, and power performance. Intel will rebuild its ecosystem over the next few years.

Continued high market share

Intel has with a high market share of 80%. It has the best software assets available.

“We have the best supply capacity, we have the highest quality software assets. It is the most respected and venerable technology brand in the industry.”


Intel Wants to Leverage Its High Market Share and Overall Strength to End AMD’s Lead in the CPU Market with Next-Generation Products

If Intel and AMD continue to compete properly, consumers will benefit by giving them more choice. However, since it already has a large market share, customers will remain to use Intel.

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