🟩 How much will production increase in the rush to build new semiconductor plants?

The number of construction starts of semiconductor factories in 2020 ~ 2021 will be 29 in the whole world.

🟩 Increased production capacity by 13% worldwide

According to SEMI, this is the highest number of new models built in two years in the past 10 years, increasing the monthly production capacity of 2.6 million 200mm wafers equivalent. Since the monthly production capacity in 2020 is 20.81 million sheets, the production capacity of wafers will increase by about 13% in two years.

In the medium to long term, the expansion of fab production capacity will meet the demand for autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, 5G-to-6G communication, etc.

🟩 Total investment exceeds 00 billion

Construction of 19 new mass-production fabs by global semiconductor manufacturers is expected to begin this year, and 10 new construction plans are expected to begin in 2022. The total investment is expected to total more than $140 billion in the coming years and may continue to grow.

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Production capacity is expected to increase by about 13% due to the semiconductor factory manufacturing rush in 2020 ~ 2021

Semiconductor makers will begin construction of new fabs this year, but it will take up to two years from the start of construction to the phases of equipment delivery. Since the actual increase in production capacity will be after 2023, it may take a little more time to solve the semiconductor shortage.

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