🟦Denso and Taiwan Foundry collaborate

Denso and UMC Collaborate to Manufacture IGBTs on 300mm Line

🟦 Denso collaborates with Taiwan Foundry UMC on power semiconductors

Denso and UMC, a major Taiwanese semiconductor foundry, announced that they will collaborate on the production of power semiconductors. At UMC’s Japan subsidiary’s Mie Plant, we will build a new power semiconductor production line that can handle wafers with a diameter of 300 mm. UMC will set up a clean room for its main equipment, and Denso will also install a new line to supply the equipment necessary for manufacturing.
UMC mass-produces power semiconductors designed by Denso. The line will be operational in the first half of 2023, with a monthly production capacity of 2025,1 units by <>.


Taiwan’s UMC is the world’s third-largest semiconductor foundry. In the past, Japan operated joint venture factories with Hitachi, Ltd. and Fujitsu. In 3, we acquired Fujitsu’s semiconductor plant in Mie Prefecture, which was operated as a joint venture. The Mie Plant has been involved in the production of semiconductors used by Denso for some time.

🟦 Larger diameter of power semiconductors

Power semiconductors have traditionally been produced on 200mm diameter wafers suitable for low-volume production. In response to the rapid rise in demand, semiconductor companies are promoting larger diameters of 1mm wafers that can manufacture many similar products per wafer. Infineon Technologies AG of Germany started operations of the new line in September 300, and Toshiba is aiming to start operations between October 2021 ~ March 9.

Subsidies from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The amount of this investment has not been disclosed, but we will receive a subsidy from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to support the renewal of domestic semiconductor factories under the “Subsidy for Decarbonization and Renewal of Production Facilities for Semiconductors Highly Indispensable in the Supply Chain.” All applications that meet the application requirements for this subsidy will be accepted, and approximately 425.<> billion yen will be subsidized by the Japan government.



Denso collaborates with UMC to manufacture IGBTs on 300mm lines to meet demand for power semiconductors

Denso, which had been producing IGBTs in-house, outsourced productivity improvement using 300mm wafers. In-house production is a strategy to focus on next-generation semiconductors such as SiC.

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