🟦Tesla orders TSMC chips?

TSMC to produce Tesla's 4nm self-driving chip from 2024?

🟦TSMC wins order to manufacture Tesla’s semiconductor chips

TSMC has received an order to manufacture Tesla’s chips. It is reported to produce autonomous driving chips in a 4nm process from 2024. Tesla is to be the top 3 customers in Fab 21, Arizona under construction. TSMC produces Nvidia autonomous driving chips and has a track record of producing advanced chips for automobiles.

🟦 Change of contractor from Samsung Electronics?

Tesla manufactures FSD (Full Self-Driving) semiconductor chips for autonomous driving using the Samsung Electronics 14nm process. The next-generation FSD, which will triple the performance, will be manufactured at 7nm from Samsung Electronics. Due to the delay in the launch of the Cybertruck, the mass production of the next-generation FSD has also been delayed. Therefore, the next-generation FSD may be outsourced from Samsung Electronics’ 7nm for the initial part, but from the late model TSMC 4nm and Samsung Electronics.


Changing from Samsung Electronics’ 7nm process, TSMC will produce Tesla’s 4nm autonomous driving chip from 2024?

Chips for automobiles are characterized by the fact that once adopted, they are used for a long time. I think Tesla will also destroy the common sense of the industry.

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