Intel enters discrete GPUs

Intel Announces Intel Arc as High-Performance GPU Brand for Consumers

🟩 Intel enters discrete GPUs

Intel has announced the Intel Arc discrete GPU. Intel Arc supports the latest trends in gaming graphics, such as ray tracing and AI super-resolution (DLSS in NVIDIA), and is expected to appear in Q2022 1 (January ~ March). The configuration, amount of RAM, and price of the model that will actually be commercialized from the partner company are still unknown, and Intel will announce the details again. The demand for cryptocurrency mining has subsided and the gaming GPU market has calmed down somewhat, but ARC, which has the latest specifications, is likely to attract enough attention.

🟩 What is Intel Arc?

Intel Arc will compete directly with Radeon and GeForce for gaming desktops and notebooks. The first product codenames were called Alchemist, and the revealed codenames for descending were Battle Mage, Celestial, and Druide.

Intel Arc and other GPU’s lineup

nVIDIA :GeForce
AMD    :Radeon
Intel  :Arc

🟩 Previous Xe architecture

Intel’s Xe series of GPUs has been available for integrated GPUs, data centers, and high-performance computing. The Iris Xe Max for integrated GPUs and notebooks with Xe architecture was also high-performance for a lightweight class with a focus on efficiency. The Alchemist (development codename, formerly DG2), based on the Intel Xe HPG that has been developed on the Xe architecture, will be the first generation product of the Arc brand.

🟩 Summary

Intel enters the discrete GPU market with Arc

We don’t know if Intel’s discrete GPUs will be commercially successful, but it would be good to have decent competition and more choice for consumers.

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