🟦Intel Starts mass production of EUV process

Intel launches series production in Ireland using Intel 4 process
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🟦Intel Starts mass production “Intel 4″of EUV process

 Intel will commence mass production utilizing the “Intel 4” process at Fab 34 in Ireland. The significance of the Intel 4 launch lies in the debut of EUV exposure technology. After undergoing test production at the D1 fab in Oregon, USA, the Irish facility will be the inaugural production plant to incorporate EUV technology.

 The Intel 4 process is employed for the Meteor Lake processor designed for client PCs. Intel has established an objective to expedite manufacturing technology, aiming to introduce five generations of processes within four years by 2025. “Intel 4” represents the second generation of this strategic process.

🟦 Signs of Intel’s competitive revival?

 Intel lagged behind rivals TSMC and Samsung in introducing EUV technology. The introduction of Intel 4 signifies the advancement of the manufacturing process and indicates a resurgence in Intel’s competitiveness. The Intel 4 process achieves a 25.1% higher frequency at the same power or 40% less power at the same frequency compared to the previous generation, “Intel 7.”

 The expansion of the Ireland plant is a component of Intel’s €800 billion investment plan to broaden its manufacturing presence in Europe. Intel intends to enhance its manufacturing capacities throughout Europe, which includes the establishment of a new wafer manufacturing facility in Germany.

🟦 Summary

 Intel has initiated mass production in Ireland employing the Intel 4 process. The introduction of EUV lithography technology for the first time adds an intriguing dimension, prompting speculation on whether Intel, having lagged behind its rivals, can reclaim its competitive edge.

 Intel 4, originally slated for mass production in 2022, is progressing as planned. The adoption of EUV technology marks a crucial development, and its success could signify a notable turnaround.

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