🟦Sony and Honda EV Adopt Qualcomm

New Sony and Honda EVs use Snapdragon Digital Chassis in collaboration with Qualcomm
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🟦 Sony and Honda EVs use Qualcomm semiconductors

The electric vehicle joint venture between Sony and Honda unveiled the AFEELA prototype at CES. We aim to ship to North America in 2026. In order to improve safety performance, 45 cameras and sensors will be installed inside and outside the vehicle. Due to the need for high-performance semiconductors, the company announced the adoption of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Digital Chassis.

🟦 Snapdragon Digital Chassis

The Snapdragon digital chassis is Qualcomm’s platform that supports automotive functions together with semiconductors. With four features of Car-to-Cloud/Auto Connectivity/Cockpit/Ride, automakers can choose the features they need.

  • Digital Chassis Features
    • Car-to-Cloud
      • Cloud integration, over-the-air upgrade solution
    • Auto Connectivity
      • Solutions to connect to the car and the Internet
    • Cockpit
      • Graphics, visual immersive in-car experience solutions
    • Ride
      • Driver AssistanceAdvanced Driver Assistance and Autonomous Driving Solutions

At CES 2022, Honda announced that it would adopt the Snapdragon Cockpit. Sony Honda’s EVs will also use Qualcomm products for Level 3 autonomous driving functions. Rather than Honda’s alliance with Qualcomm alone, the joint venture with Sony will adopt more Qualcomm functions.


New Sony Honda EV Collaborates with Qualcomm to Cockpid Snapdragon Digital Chassis as well as Solutions for Autonomous Driving

Honda uses Intel (Mobileye) chips for autonomous driving. In the joint venture of Sony Honda, it seems that Qualcomm will be newly adopted.

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