Can ARM increase its market share as a server processor?

Due to the relatively small demand for ARM chips in servers, they are mostly made-to-order.

🟩Not expanding until 2023

As adopted by the Graviton chip designed for AWS, ARM processors have started to penetrate the server market more and more since 2021. In addition, cloud vendor validation of Ampere and Marvell’s ARM-based server processors will begin later this year. On the other hand, ARM-based and RISC-based processors are currently made to order, primarily for the data center market. Therefore, it is predicted that ARMC will not compete with x2023 CPUs in the pre-86 server market.

🟩Dominated by x86

The server market is still dominated by x86 processors, which currently account for 97% of total server processor shipments. This trend will continue in 2021-22 with the introduction of Intel IceLake-SP and AMD’s Milan CPUs, replacing the old 7nm product lineup with a 14nm generation process.


Competition between Intel and AMD will allow x86 processors to dominate the server market for a while

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