TSMC Semiconductor Package Factory Preparation

TSMC is preparing to start operations of a new packaging plant in Taiwan

🟩TSMC’s Baking Technology

TSMC has announced that it will commercialize 3DFabric technology in its new plant in the second half of 2022. Starting in 2020, TSMC will promote 3DFabric, a 3D silicon stacking and advanced packaging technology. There are plans to dedicate the five factories to packaging, and equipment is now beginning to be delivered to the first plant.

3DFabric™ | TSMCTSMC Wafer Level System Integration (WLSI) leads the semicond3dfabric.tsmc.com

TSMC is a foundry company that processes semiconductor “front-step” silicon wafers. The TSMC will operate a “post-process” packaging plant.

🟩 Attracting attention as a next-generation miniaturization technology

In accordance with Moore’s Law, the microfabrication of wafers has increased the degree of integration of semiconductors. It is said that microfabrication is reaching its limit. For this reason, more than Moore’s technology is attracting attention for its “post-processing” three-dimensional mounting technology. That’s why TSMC decided to incorporate advanced packaging technology in-house.

In addition, 3D mounting is a field where the strengths of Japan companies can be utilized, such as materials and manufacturing equipment. TSMC has received a grant from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and has opened a 3D packaging technology development center in Japan.


TSMC Prepares New Packaging Plant for More Than Moor

The semiconductor industry used to live in the “front process” and “post-process” of semiconductors, but the boundary between foundry and OSAT seems to be blurring. In that case, TSMC with large capital power will have an advantage, and the position of existing OSAT may become weak.

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