Samsung Electronics Receives Contract to Manufacture Tesla HW4.0 Chip?

🟩 Samsung Receives Order to Build Tesla’s Own Chips

There have been reports that Samsung Electronics has agreed to contract the production of the next generation of SoCs for Tesla’s self-driving computers. Tesla’s FSD (Full Self-Driving) computers are currently in the HW3.0 generation and the next generation is HW4.0. HW4.0 is said to have three times the performance compared to the previous generation. It is a report from South Korea that Tesla’s own chip to be installed will be manufactured at 7nm of Samsung Electronics, but no official information has come out from Tesla.

🟩 Tesla’s team of SoC architects

In 2016, Tesla created a team of chip architects to develop its own chips for autonomous driving. The HW3.0 announced in 2019 was manufactured by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. 14nm process, developed in-house by Tesla, and used an SoC. There were also reports that Tesla’s next-generation chips were competing with TSMC. Tesla’s team of architects will compare TSMC and Samsung Electronics in detail to determine the contractor taking into account factors such as their strategy, production costs, long-term cooperation, and process technology.


If reports that Samsung Electronics has received an order for a Tesla HW4.0 chip are true, Tesla’s team of architects will make a decision that matches the strategy after comparing it to TSMC.

Tesla will follow HW3.0 and HW4.0 will also be outsourced to Samsung Electronics. TSMC will prioritize customers such as Apple who use a sub-5nm process. Considering the automobile, Tesla will adopt 7nm, so TSMC may not have been able to get away with the hospitality compared to Samsung.

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