Remember: The scale of the semiconductor industry

Expanding to 100 trillion yen by 2030
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🟩 Semiconductors: 48 trillion yen

Global semiconductor market size in 2020: US$440.4 billion (Â¥48 trillion)

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The forecast for 2021 is US$527.2 billion (Â¥58 trillion).

🟩 Semiconductor materials: 6 trillion yen

Global semiconductor materials sales in 2020: US$55.3 billion (approximately ¥6 trillion)

Breakdown of materials – Process materials (pre-process): US$34.9 billion -Packaging (

back-process): US$20.4 billion

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🟩 Semiconductor manufacturing equipment: 8 trillion yen

Global semiconductor manufacturing equipment (new) in 2020: US$71.2 billion (approximately Â¥8 trillion)

Semiconductor equipment is the total sales amount of the following equipment – Processing equipment for wafer process – Other front-end equipment – Assembly and packaging equipment

– Test equipment

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The most advanced EUV lithography equipment is said to be 20 billion yen ~ 40 billion yen per unit

🟩 Conclusion

The current scale of the automobile industry is 400 trillion yen, and the semiconductor industry will grow to a comparable scale.

Semiconductor materials and equipment, which are strong in Japan, will also grow as the market as a whole grows, but the overall scale is small compared to Chip sales.

It is better for Japan to take a bird’s-eye view of the market as a whole and think strategically about which market it will target

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