Onsemi Acquires Semiconductor Materials Manufacturer

Onsemi Acquires GTAT for $415 Million

🟩 Onsemi Acquires Semiconductor Materials Manufacturer

ON Semiconductor announced that it will acquire GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT), a manufacturer of silicon carbide (SiC) and sapphire materials, for $415 million. ONSEMI is the second largest semiconductor company in the global market share of power semiconductors for automotive and industrial applications.

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Onsemi had signed a five-year, supply of silicon carbide materials to supply SiC (silicon carbide) materials. It is an acquisition that further strengthens this effort.

🟩Accelerating SiC Development

Compared to ordinary Si, SiC power semiconductors are more energy efficient, and demand is expanding in applications such as electric vehicles and solar power generation. With this acquisition, Onsemi aims to accelerate SiC development by manufacturing SiC substrates in-house, which were previously procured from GTAT.

Power semiconductor manufacturing

Timing of increasing the diameter of SiC ware

Power semiconductor companies are investing in the SiC supply chain to increase the diameter of SiC, which is currently manufactured on 150mm wafers, to 200mm.

Cree has a SiC substrate share of almost 60%

In addition, 150mm substrates for SiC semiconductors are sold by CREE Corporation, which accounts for 60% of the market share. Infineon, STMicro and Onsemi all source substrates from Cree. Supply chain investments also have a background of breaking away from Cree’s reliance.

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ONSEMI to Acquire Semiconductor Materials Manufacturer to Accelerate Development of SiC Power Semiconductors

The semiconductor industry has been divided horizontally, but vertical integration is progressing in certain fields.

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