🟦 Negotiations are underway for a huge funding for an open AI semiconductor manufacturing plan

OpenAI's CEO negotiates massive funding for plans to manufacture semiconductors for AI

🟦 OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is negotiating huge funding for semiconductor manufacturing plans

 Sam Altman of Open AI, which develops ChatGPT, seems to be aiming to raise 5 trillion ~ 7 trillion dollars (about 750 ~ 1000 trillion yen) for the production of AI chips. The main negotiating partners are investors from the United Arab Emirates government and other countries, and the details of the negotiations have not yet been finalized. Funding is in the early stages, and specific plans are yet to be determined.

 Altman is looking to launch a semiconductor foundry, partner with an existing semiconductor manufacturer, and make OpenAI its customer. It is also reported that it is also in talks with TSMC as part of this plan.

🟦 Demand for GPUs soars with the expansion of technology

 With the rapid spread of AI technology, the demand for GPUs has skyrocketed. GPUs are essential for training and running the large language models used for ChatGPT. By entering semiconductor manufacturing, we aim to eliminate the constraints of AI development and promote the evolution of technology. If this large-scale funding is realized, it is expected to contribute to the further evolution of AI technology and the expansion of semiconductor manufacturing.


 OpenAI’s CEO is negotiating a huge funding for plans to manufacture semiconductors for AI in order to solve the shortage of GPUs that are essential for training and running large language models used for ChatGPT

 Will it be feasible to create a fab specifically for AI chips? All eyes will be on the progress of Altman’s plan.

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