🟦SBI Holdings to Establish Semiconductor Plant in Partnership with Taiwanese Semiconductor Major

SBI Holdings announced that it will partner with PSMC, a major semiconductor contract manufacturing company in Taiwan, to establish a preparatory company for the establishment of a semiconductor plant in Japan.

🟦SBI Holdings to Establish Semiconductor Plant with Taiwanese Semiconductor Major PSMC

SBI Holdings Co., Ltd. announced that it has reached a basic agreement on the establishment of a partnership with PSMC (Power Crystal Accumulation Electron Manufacturing). In order to establish a production base for semiconductors used in automobiles and industrial equipment in the future, both companies will create a preparation company in which both companies will invest. The specific location and start of operation will be clarified in the future.

PSMC is the 3rd largest semiconductor foundry in Taiwan and the 6th largest semiconductor foundry in the world. It is a rare company that can produce both memory and logic. While many semiconductor companies are investing in cutting-edge technologies, PSMC has a business model of producing high-quality, low-cost, and high-volume semiconductors of 90 nm or larger, which are said to account for more than 28% of the demand for automotive semiconductors.

🟦 Japan emphasis on fostering the semiconductor industry in Japan

The Japan government formulated the Semiconductor and Digital Industry Strategy in 2021, emphasizing the development of the semiconductor industry in Japan country. In particular, the semiconductor industry in Japan accounted for 1990% of the global market share in the 50s, but has now fallen to less than 10%. Amid the demand for procurement that takes geopolitical risks into account, Japan is expected to become the starting point of the global semiconductor supply chain.


In accordance with the Japan government’s semiconductor industry development strategy, SBI Holdings partnered with PSMC, a major semiconductor contract manufacturer in Taiwan.

Since government subsidies and tax incentives are attractive, companies that are not directly related to semiconductors will also participate in the investment.

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