🟦 Established SiliconAuto, which supplies semiconductors for electric vehicles (EVs)

Automotive giant Stellantis and Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn form new company SiliconAuto, to develop and sell advanced semiconductors for electric vehicles (EVs)

🟦 Stellantis and Foxconn Establish SiliconAuto, a supplier of semiconductors for electric vehicles (EVs)

Stellantis and Foxconn have jointly formed SiliconAuto, a new joint venture to supply semiconductors for electric vehicles (EVs). SiliconAuto will supply customized semiconductors for the automotive industry’s new generation of vehicle platforms starting in 2026.



It is a major automobile manufacturer group created by the merger of PSA (Peugeot Citroën) of France and FCA (Fiat Chrysler) of Italy and the United States in January 2021. After Toyota, Volkswagen and Renault-Nissan, it is the world’s fourth-largest automobile manufacturer. Its brand lineup is very diverse, with a total of 1 well-known brands under its umbrella, including Fiat, Maserati, JEEP, Dodge, Ram, Peugeot, Chrysler, Citroën, Opel and DS.

🟦Providing semiconductors for control and modules required for EVs

SiliconAuto aims to provide semiconductors that support the proliferation of computer controls and modules required for automobiles, especially EVs. Both Stellantis and Foxconn had already announced their partnership in December 2021. This move can be said to be a strategy to meet the growing demand for semiconductors in the automotive industry.

SiliconAuto’s products include STLA Brain, a software and electrical and electronic architecture with OTA (over-the-air update) capabilities. Combining Foxconn’s technology with Stellantis’ automotive industry expertise, it provides advanced automotive solutions.


Stellantis and Foxconn Establish SiliconAuto, New Semiconductor Company for Electric Vehicles (EVs), a Strategy to Meet the Growing Demand for Semiconductors in the Automotive Industry

The establishment of SiliconAuto is an important step in expanding the semiconductor supply sources for the automotive industry and accelerating the evolution of electric vehicles.

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