🟦 Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market @2023

Semiconductor equipment market to record high in 2023

🟦 Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Market @2023

SEMI, an international organization for the semiconductor industry, announced that global sales of semiconductor manufacturing equipment in 2023 are expected to reach a record high. It was 120.8 billion dollars (about 16.5 trillion yen), setting a record high for four consecutive years.

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment market
    • 2022 $117.5 billion up 15%
    • 2023 $120.8 billion up 3%

🟦 Foundries Drive the Market

The semiconductor foundry segment, which accounts for half of the total, will drive the market. This is to increase the investment required for the development and production of cutting-edge semiconductors used in smartphones and data centers. Investment in mature products used in home appliances and automobiles will also increase.
On the other hand, demand is expected to fall against the backdrop of concerns about a slowdown in the Chinese economy and global inflation. Therefore, there is a possibility that the investment will be further narrowed down mainly in memory companies.

  • Growth by Sector 2022/2023
    • Equipment for foundries up 21%/up 8%
    • DRAM equipment up 8% / down 8%
    • Equipment for NAND 7% increase/2% decrease


Growth in foundry and memory manufacturing equipment will bring semiconductor front-end market to record high in 2022

The front-end and foundry sectors are expected to continue to increase in 2023. Sales for back-end processes and memory are expected to decrease. 2023 is expected to enter a period of decline in the silicon cycle.

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