BMW signs contract with power semiconductor company

BMW signs semiconductor supply agreement with GaN Systems

🟩BMW signs contract with power semiconductor company

BMW has signed a comprehensive supply agreement with GaN Systems for GaN power semiconductors. GaN Systems is a gallium nitride (GaN) power semiconductor company founded in 2008 in Ottawa, Canada.

BMW, a finished car manufacturer, rather than an auto parts manufacturer, has signed a partnership agreement with a power semiconductor company.

🟩Power semiconductors important in EVs

GaN (gallium nitride) is a compound semiconductor with excellent physical properties such as high efficiency, high frequency, miniaturization, and low ON-resistance. It is expected to become popular as a power device that complements compound semiconductor SiC (silicon carbide), which has already begun mass production. These are important components for achieving the compactness, light weight, and high efficiency required for next-generation EVs. That’s why BMW signed a contract directly with a semiconductor manufacturer.

Investing from 4 years ago

For the past four years, BMW has invested in GaN Systems through venture capital BMW I Ventures. With the spread of EVs, the demand for power semiconductors will increase, and strategic partnerships with semiconductor suppliers will become even more important.


BMW has signed a strategic partnership with a power semiconductor company to promote EVs

BMW is strategically investing in power semiconductors as a key component. I’m sure Japan automakers are investing in the same way.

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