🟦 Infineon and GF long-term contract extension

Infineon and GF extend long-term contract for automotive MCUs

🟦 Infineon Technology and GF Extend Long-Term Contract to Ensure Stable Growth in Automotive Technology

Infineon Technology and Global Foundries have extended a long-term contract for automotive MCUs. It is a new multi-year agreement for the supply of 40nm process automotive MCUs, power management and communication chips, which will give Infineon additional production capacity from 2024 to 2030. In addition, to meet Infineon’s automotive requirements, GF’s reliable embedded non-volatile memory (eNVM) will be part of the agreement.

🟦 Stabilizing supply chains in Europe

Infineon and GF have been working together since 2013. GF will have a production site in Germany, which will help stabilize the supply chain in Europe, where Infineon is headquartered, and improve the stability of production and supply in the region.

GF is the world’s third largest specialized semiconductor foundry, with production facilities in the United States, Europe, Germany, and Singapore.


Infineon and GF extend long-term contract for automotive microcontrollers. Supply of 40nm automotive microcontrollers and eNVM technology is the focus of the deal

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