🟦HBM Market @ 2023

HBM Market Expected to Increase by 2023% YoY in 60
Press Center - AI and HPC Demand Set to Boost HBM Volume by Almost 60% in 2023, Says TrendForce | TrendForce - Market research, price trend of DRAM, NAND Flash, LEDs, TFT-LCD and green energy, PV
TrendForce forecasts that global demand for HBM will experience almost 60% growth annually in 2023, reaching 290 million...

🟦HBM Market @ 2023

According to Trendforce, the HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) market will grow by 2023% year-on-year in 60 to reach 2 million GB. We expect it to increase by another 9% by 2024.
HBM has high bandwidth and low energy consumption, so it is a necessary element to build a high-speed computing platform. It is a demanding technology from advanced applications such as AI, machine learning, supercomputing, and high-performance graphics that require high-speed computation.

🟦 Due to the increasing demand for AI in the cloud

The growing demand for HBM is due to emerging technologies such as AI servers, supercomputers, 8K video streaming, and AR/VR. The demand for fast computation is expected to increase the workload on cloud servers. However, the implementation of HBM is more complex than DDR and SDRAM of normal DRAM. As a result, overcoming these challenges can have a significant impact on HBM adoption.


HBM Market Expected to Increase 2023% YoY in 60 due to Increasing Demand for AI Servers

HBM sales represent a small percentage of overall memory market sales, so it will be difficult to quickly rebuild the entire memory industry market with HBM alone.

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