🟦 Semiconductor Foundry Market Size @ 2023

Semiconductor foundry market expected to decline 4%  year-over-year in 2023

🟦 Semiconductor Foundry Market Size @ 2023

Trendforce predicts that the global semiconductor foundry market will decline by 2023% year-on-year in 4. Fabless semiconductor companies have already reduced their manufacturing contracts in Q2023 1. In addition, we expect orders to decline further in the second quarter of 2023. As a result, the earnings of semiconductor foundries such as TSMC are also expected to decline.

🟦 Semiconductor foundry market will grow in the medium to long term

In the medium to long term, the semiconductor foundry market will grow. Over the past few years, more than 20 new semiconductor front-end factories have been built.

  • Geographical distribution of new semiconductor factories
    • Taiwan: 5 factories
    • USA: 5 plants
    • China: 6 factories
    • Europe: 4 factories
    • Korea, Japan, Singapore: 4 plants


The semiconductor foundry market is expected to decline 2023% year-over-year in 4, but is a growth market in the long term

Since the semiconductor industry is undergoing a horizontal division of labor, the foundry market is also likely to grow.

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