🟦 ROHM partners with Taiwanese companies

ROHM and Delta Electronics Conclude Strategic Partnership for Power Devices for Power Systems

🟦 ROHM partners with Taiwanese company Delta Electronics

ROHM has formed a strategic partnership for semiconductor development with Taiwan’s Delta Electronics. We will jointly develop next-generation power semiconductors suitable for power supplies for mobile base stations and electric vehicles. It will be developed by the end of 2022 and is targeted for integration into Delta’s power supply systems.

Delta Electronics (Taida Electronic Industry)

We are a power management system provider in Taiwan. It is the world’s leading power management system company for mobile base stations and data centers.

🟦Joint development of GaN power semiconductors

We will develop a power semiconductor that uses GaN (gallium nitride) for power control. Conventional power semiconductors use silicon (Si) as a material, but by using GaN, power loss such as when switching current can be reduced. GaN is a compound semiconductor with excellent physical properties, high efficiency, high frequency, miniaturization, low ON-resistance, and physical properties. GaN is expected to become widespread as a complement to compound semiconductor SiC (silicon carbide), which has already begun mass production. ROHM develops 600V resistant GaN power semiconductor products that are easy to use in base stations.


ROHM and Delta Electronics Conclude Strategic Partnership to Develop Power Supplies Using GaN Power Semiconductors

ROHM has often partnered with Chinese companies in the field of power semiconductors, but this time it will be a partnership with a Taiwanese company. This may be due to the influence of recent geopolitics.

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