🟦 U.S. Government Invests Huge in Intel!

U.S. Government's Massive Investment Plans for Intel
Intel Stands to Win .5 Billion to Produce Chips for Military
The US government is poised to invest .5 billion in Intel Corp. so the chipmaker can produce advanced semiconductors f...

🟦 U.S. Government Invests .5 Billion in Intel! Strengthening production of chips for military and intelligence purposes

 The US government plans to invest $ 3.5 billion (about 525 billion yen) in Intel to increase the production of advanced chips for military and intelligence purposes. The program aims to enhance the security and reliability of the semiconductor supply chain used in military and intelligence applications.

 The funding will come from $52.7 billion allocated under the CHIPS Act signed by President Biden in August 2022.

🟦 Strengthening national security against China

 In recent years, China has accelerated its investment in the semiconductor industry, narrowing the technology gap with the United States. The U.S. government considers strengthening its domestic semiconductor manufacturing capacity to be a key national security issue to counter the Chinese threat.


The U.S. government’s investment in Intel reflects the U.S. government’s concerns about the semiconductor supply chain and the need to counter China’s rise.

 The U.S. government seems to be selecting subsidies for semiconductor companies based on clear criteria for national security reasons. On the other hand, it would be difficult for Japan to provide full subsidies for military purposes.

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