Disco reduces the types of semiconductors

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment giant DISCO will reduce the types of semiconductors it uses to control the movement of equipment by 90%

🟩 Switching to a high-performance microcontroller

DISCO is a manufacturer of equipment for cutting silicon wafers made of semiconductor materials into small pieces (dicing). 50 types of semiconductor microcomputers that control the devices were used for each device. The design of the circuit board will be changed without changing the function of the manufacturing equipment, and it will be replaced with a high-performance product that performs multiple functions, so that all devices can be handled with four types of semiconductors. The aim is to reduce the variety and procure a large amount.

🟩 Responding to the Procurement Risk of Semiconductor Shortages

Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, like automobiles and home appliances, is facing a shortage of semiconductors. The purpose is to prevent the inability to procure certain types of semiconductors, which hinders the production of equipment. Since the demand for semiconductor manufacturing equipment is at a record high, it seems that procurement risks will be reduced so that there is no hindrance to increasing production.

Accumulate inventory

Until now, microcomputers have not been able to hold a large amount of inventory because it has been easy to procure microcomputers, but over the next 2 to 3 years, the inventory amount will be accumulated up to one year’s worth.


DISCO will reduce the number of microcomputer types by 90% to meet the semiconductor shortage

The replacement with high-performance products will increase the procurement price of microcontrollers, but the company will suppress the increase in costs by reducing procurement costs through large-scale purchases. I think that the idea that it is best to use products with an indefinitely old process is one of the reasons why we have eliminated the latest technology from Japan. If there is such a movement to adopt new and good things, I think that Japan may be able to establish factories with the latest technology.

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