METI’s next-generation semiconductor infrastructure project

Green Growth Strategy Approved by the Industrial Structure Council

🟩 Next-generation semiconductor digital infrastructure business

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will support the research and development and dissemination of decarbonization and energy conservation for digitalization. For this reason, the Industrial Structure Council has decided to contribute up to 141 billion yen to digital infrastructure projects such as next-generation semiconductors.

🟩 ¥51.8 billion for next-generation power semiconductors

The budget for next-generation power semiconductors will be up to 51.8 billion yen. Target power applications are for server power supplies, industrial equipment, and electric vehicles. We are working on the development of compound semiconductor technology for next-generation power semiconductors, and our goal is to achieve a 50% improvement in energy loss compared to silicon (Si).

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🟩 89.2 billion yen for data center energy saving

We will allocate a budget of up to 89.2 billion yen to energy-saving large-scale data centers. We will promote the development of photoelectric fusion technology that replaces the connection of semiconductor chips with light that consumes less power. By 2030, we have set a goal of reducing power consumption in the entire data center by more than 40% from the curve.

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Next-generation semiconductor digital infrastructure business supports development in the direction of decarbonization

Development for the spread of power semiconductors such as SiC is already being undertaken as a business by European and American companies. This is 51.8 billion yen over nine years, so this alone is not enough to rapidly catch up with Europe and the United States. I would like companies to work hard to invest as a business.

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