AMD and MediaTek negotiate a joint venture

AMD and MediaTek are in talks to form a joint venture

🟩AMD-MediaTek Joint Venture

DigiTimes reports that AMD and Mediatek may be in talks to form a joint venture (JV). MediaTek is a Taiwanese fabless semiconductor manufacturer that recently overtook Qualcomm as the world’s largest mobile chipset manufacturer. AMD and MediaTek have worked together in the past on the AYANEO chip for the game console, which seems to be true.

🟩 What are the advantages of both companies?

The joint venture focuses on the development of SoCs, including 5G, Wi-Fi, and even wired data transmission controllers. What are the benefits of both companies?

AMD Benefits

AMD aims to integrate MediaTek’s Wi-Fi, 5G and IP into its laptop SoCs. For AMD, which doesn’t want to buy Wi-Fi chips from rival Intel, it has the advantage of teaming up with MediaTek.

Benefits of MediaTek

MediaTek is aiming to equip its SoCs with RDNA2 on AMD’s GPUs. Samsung will use AMD’s GPU in its next-generation smartphone SoC, Exynos. Similarly, it would be an advantage if AMD’s GPU with good performance could be adopted for MediaTek’s SoC.


AMD-MediaTek joint venture negotiations will have the merit of complementing both companies’ GPU, wireless technology and a spin-off

Both companies are fabless companies, so their corporate cultures are similar, so I think the conversation will be smooth.

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