🟦2023 Top 10 Fabless Semiconductor Companies in the World

NVIDIA takes the lead, followed by Broadcom

🟦2023 Top 10 Fabless Semiconductor Companies in the World

The total revenue of the world’s top 10 fabless semiconductor manufacturers reached about $167.6 billion (about 27.2 trillion yen) in 2023, up 12% from the previous year. Strong sales of NVIDIA’s AI chips led the company’s revenue to a 105% increase, leading the industry as a whole. Broadcom, Will Semiconductor and MPS achieved slight growth. However, other companies were impacted by the economic downturn and inventory reductions.

🟦NVIDIA’s strong performance

NVIDIA accounts for more than 80% of the AI accelerator chip market. With the launch of the H200 and the AI boom, revenue growth is expected to continue in 2024. AI is expected to permeate personal devices, leading to the adoption of AI-powered smartphones and AI-enhanced PCs. This will benefit the entire fabless semiconductor industry.

On the other hand, due to the slump in the smartphone market, Qualcomm and MediaTek were affected by the decline in smartphone shipments in China. However, Qualcomm is expected to recover in 2024 due to its entry into the automotive market, while MediaTek is expected to recover due to increased adoption of the Dimensity 9300 and increased shipments of high-end smartphones.


The fabless semiconductor industry in 2023 grew due to NVIDIA’s strong performance and growing demand for AI. This trend is expected to continue in 2024, with AI, automotive, and 5G-related markets expected to drive growth.

NVIDIA has risen to the top fabless semiconductor company with the AI boom as a tailwind. By 2024, it could become the top company in the entire semiconductor industry.

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