🟦 Next-generation Google’s proprietary SoC

Google held "Google I/O 2022" and announced the outline of the new smartphone.

🟦 Next-generation Google’s proprietary SoC “Tensor” adopted on Pixel 7

At its Google I/O 2022 event, Google outlined the new Google Pixel 2022 and Google Pixel 7 Pro smartphones, which will be available in the fall of 7. The Pixel 7 will feature the next generation of Google’s proprietary Tensor SoC. There were no details about the next-generation SoC at the event.

Google “Tensor” SoC

A proprietary processor that Google installed in the “Pixel 2021” in 6. It is an SoC designed based on the CPU and GPU provided by arm. It features a unique TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) for AI designed by Google built into the chip.

🟦 Low-cost smartphones also use our own SoC

At the event, it was announced that sales of the low-cost smartphone “Pixel 6a” will begin in July 2022. It will be equipped with the same unique SoC “Tensor” and security chip “Taitan M7” as the high-end Pixel 6. In the past, low-priced smartphones were equipped with semiconductors different from high-end models, but they will be common for the first time. This is aimed at increasing the mass production effect of our proprietary semiconductors.


Google announced the outline of the new Pixel 7 smartphone, but did not mention its own SoC “Tensor”.

It seems to be a trend to use the same SoC for low-priced versions like Apple’s A series. I think some sort of selection has been done for high-end models.

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