🟦 MinebeaMitsumi Acquires Hitachi Power Devices Business

MinebeaMitsumi Acquires Shares in Hitachi Power Devices to Strengthen Business and Create Synergies
株式会社日立パワーデバイスの株式取得(子会社化)及び事業譲受に関するお知らせ - ミネベアミツミ

🟦 MinebeaMitsumi Acquires Hitachi’s Power Device Business as a Subsidiary

 MinebeaMitsumi has decided to acquire shares of Hitachi Power Devices from Hitachi, Ltd., make them subsidiaries, and take over the overseas sales business of the power device business. The purchase price has not been disclosed, but it is estimated to be around 400 billion yen.

🟦 MinebeaMitsumi strengthens semiconductor business through integration

 Through this transaction, MinebeaMitsumi will integrate chip manufacturing and modularization technologies to realize integrated production of power semiconductors. This strategy aims to achieve sales of 2030 billion yen by 3, and aims to gain market leadership by strengthening both analog semiconductors and power semiconductors.

 Hitachi Power Devices will leverage its technology to accelerate growth in the EV, renewable energy, and medical device sectors.


MinebeaMitsumi, which aims to build an integrated production system for the power semiconductor business, will strengthen its business and create synergies through the acquisition of shares in Hitachi Power Devices.

 MinebeaMitsumi has made a name for itself with its successful acquisitions.

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