🟦Letting go of ARM China business?

arm plans to transfer shares in its China operations to accelerate its IPO

🟦ARM China Business Let Go of ARM China?

British semiconductor design giant ARM plans to transfer its stake in its China division to SoftBank’s Special Purpose Organization. The Chinese government is worried that it may eventually lose access to the semiconductors it designs, and a change in its shareholding ratio could provoke a backlash from China.

ARM China

The planned transfer is Chinese joint venture ARM China, which will account for 20% of ARM’s total sales, ARM China is not a wholly owned subsidiary, but a joint venture between ARM and a consortium of China-based investment funds. ARM owns a 47.3% stake in ARM China. The remaining shares are held by Chinese investment funds and funds managed by former CEO Allen Wu.

Notice Concerning Joint Venture of Subsidiary (Arm) in China | SoftBank Group Corp.SoftBank Group Corp. (Chairman & President: Masayoshi Son, English company name: SoftBank Group Corp.)group.softbank

🟦 IPO failures in an unauditable state

arm is planning an IPO in the United States. ARM plans to reduce its stake in ARM China to less than 20%. In the future, we plan to treat them the same as customers who pay license revenue, rather than being responsible for accounting audits.

Unauditable state

To IPO by March 2023, ARM must complete a financial review this year. However, the current situation is an obstacle to an IPO in the context of not being able to audit arm China. Allen Wu was dismissed as CEO in 2020 due to a conflict of interest, but he refused to resign and is still engaged in the business and is in a conflicting relationship.


arm plans to transfer shares in rival Chinese operations to accelerate IPO

SoftBank’s consideration for China hindered the IPO.

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