🟦 Infineon Wolfspeed expands and strengthens SiC supply agreement

Infineon Technology and Wolfspeed Extend Long-Term Supply Agreement for SiC Wafers

🟦 Infineon Wolfspeed expands and strengthens SiC supply agreement

   Infineon Technology and Wolfspeed have extended the long-term supply agreement for 150 mm SiC wafers signed in February 2018. The agreement includes a multi-year Wolfspeed capacity reservation, which will help Infineon stabilize its supply chain and meet growing demand for SiC power semiconductors.

🟦 Infineon strengthens supply chain with contract renewal

 Through the renewal of the contract, Infineon will enhance the resilience of its supply chain to meet the demands of the automotive, solar, electric vehicles, and energy storage systems industries. Additionally, we will implement strategies to establish a high-quality, global, and long-term supply base in anticipation of the rising demand for SiC devices. Collaboration with Wolfspeed plays a crucial role in this process. Infineon has been partnering with Wolfspeed for over 20 years in the SiC power semiconductor market.


 Infineon Technology and Wolfspeed extend long-term supply agreement for SiC wafers. Infineon responds to supply chain stabilization and growing demand for SiC power semiconductors

 Infineon, which has the largest market share in the power semiconductor field, is also working to strengthen its supply chain in SiC, giving it the appearance of a yokozuna sumo wrestling.

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