China’s autonomous SoC conquers the world?

HorizonRobotics Announces Journey5 Processor

🟩 China’s autonomous driving SoC “Journey5”

Chinese semiconductor maker Horizon Robotics has unveiled the Journey5 SoC for autonomous driving. It adopts a 12nm process, AI computing power is up to 128TOPS, and it is assumed that it can handle 16 cameras. Samples will be produced in May 2021 and mass production is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2022.

Speaking of autonomous SoCs, nVIDIA and Mobileye are the mainstays, but can China’s SoC conquer the world?

🟩 World domination is a while away

Horizon aims to become a leading automotive AI chip company in China by 2025. After that, it aims to achieve a 30% global market share by 2030, and to be on a par with nVIDIA and Mobileye. Therefore, even if we can conquer the world, it will be a while away.

In August 2019, we announced China’s first in-vehicle grade AI chip “Journey 2”. The Journey2 was adopted by Changan Automobile and Chery Automobile. A year later, in 2019, we announced “Journey 3.” Journey3 adopted a 16nm process, only 2.5W in power consumption, and AI computing power was a chip with 5TOPS of power. It was adopted for the 2021 models of the “Li Auto” and “Ideal ONE” of emerging EV companies.

Ideal Train | 创造移动的家, 创造幸福的家2021 Ideal ONE | Go-Wing Rokuza Chi-Noh 电动 SUV. 首付50,700,000 元起,更享0购置税;超大六座,百万配置;纯电四驱,

🟩 At the moment nVIDIA dominates

As with Journey5, NVIDIA will mass-produce the Orin SoC in 2022. Orin uses a 7nm process and has AI computing power up to 254 TOPS. Therefore, Orin is no match in strength to Journey5.

SAIC, China’s largest automaker, and NIO, an emerging EV company, plan to install the ORIN-based Adam in its ET7 sedan for the first time in 2022. In addition, the aforementioned “Li Auto” will be equipped with NVIDIA’s Orin for autonomous driving in a full-size SUV that is scheduled to be launched in 2022.


The self-driving SoC of Chinese company HorizonRobotics will not be capable of conquering the world for a while.

Although it is a later comer than NVIDIA, the speed of development is not defeated. Boosted by China’s self-sufficiency semiconductor policy, China’s autonomous SoC may conquer by 2030. All I can say is that no company is currently Japan make chips on the same level as Horizon Robotics.

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