🟦 MinebeaMitsumi Acquires Hitachi Power Devices!

Aiming for sales of 300 billion yen by expanding the analog semiconductor business
株式会社日立パワーデバイスの株式取得(子会社化)及び事業譲受完了に関するお知らせ - ミネベアミツミ

🟦 MinebeaMitsumi Acquires Hitachi Power Devices!

MinebeaMitsumi acquired shares of Hitachi Power Devices and made it a subsidiary. Through this acquisition, MinebeaMitsumi aims to expand its power semiconductor business and grow its sales from 80 billion yen to 300 billion yen in fiscal 2030, including M&A.

Hitachi Power Devices is a semiconductor manufacturer that provides power semiconductor products that support the electrification and electrification of industrial and social infrastructure. We have a large number of power semiconductor products with high technology and competitiveness, such as high-voltage SiC, high-voltage IGBTs, SG (side gate)-IGBTs for EVs, high-voltage ICs, and diodes for alternators. The purchase price has not been disclosed, but it is estimated to be around 40 billion yen.

🟦 The analog semiconductor business is one of the eight spears strategy

MinebeaMitsumi has positioned the analog semiconductor business as one of the “Eight Spears” and is aiming to further expand the business. The Eight-Spear Strategy is MinebeaMitsumi’s long-term growth strategy formulated in 2020. Based on this strategy, the company is actively pursuing M&A and business investments, including the acquisition of Hitachi Power Devices.


Through the acquisition, MinebeaMitsumi will acquire back-end technology and production capabilities for packages and modules in addition to conventional chip manufacturing. Vertical integration can improve production efficiency and enhance cost competitiveness. Specifically, it is expected to shorten lead times, improve yield rates, and reduce R&D costs by optimizing the supply chain.


Through the acquisition of Hitachi Power Devices, MinebeaMitsumi aims to expand its analog semiconductor business, enter high-growth markets, and strengthen its cost competitiveness through vertical integration. The acquisition is an important step forward in advancing MinebeaMitsumi’s Eight-Spear strategy and accelerating business expansion and growth.

MinebeaMitsumi is known as a company that has led to the success of numerous acquisitions through its strategic acumen and proactive action cultivated over many years.

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