🟩 Showa Denko and ROHM SiC long-term contract

Showa Denko and ROHM Sign Long-Term Supply Agreement for SiC Epiwafers for Power Semiconductors

🟩 Showa Denko supplies ROHM SiC wafers

SiC power semiconductors have superior energy conversion efficiency compared to ordinary silicon (Si) power semiconductors, and demand is expanding in applications such as electric vehicles and solar power generation. Showa Denko is a manufacturer that has been selling SiC wafer substrates externally since 2009. The long-term supply agreement with ROHM will further strengthen the technical cooperation to improve the characteristic uniformity and low defect density of SiC epiwafers.

🟩 Wafer long-term contract trends

Long-term contracts for wafers are a trend not only for SiC but also for ordinary silicon (Si). Semiconductor manufacturers have concluded wafer substrate supply contracts over a long-term period of 2 to 3 years, fixing the quantity and price to prevent the risk of a decline in business performance and to respond to supply shortages. Demand for SiC power devices is expected to grow, and long-term contracts are becoming a trend for SiC as well as silicon.

🟩Long-term contract status of SiC companies

In May 2021, Showa Denko reached an agreement with Infineon, the king of power semiconductors, to supply SiC wafer substrates. In January 2020, ROHM also signed a long-term wafer supply agreement with STMiCo by its subsidiary Cyclistral. The industry as a whole is investing in building supply chains.

  • External procurement of SiC substrates
    • Infineon ← Showa Denko, Cree
    • on Semi ← GTAT
    • STMiCo ← Cree, ROHM (Sicrystal)
    • ROHM ← Showa Denko


Showa Denko and ROHM, SiC wafer long-term supply agreement due to the movement to build a SiC supply chain to expand demand for power semiconductors

When various companies are involved, the ecosystem is created and standardization is promoted. When supply increases and prices stabilize, the price of the final product is also affected, which is good for consumers.

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