🟦 Nvidia strengthens AI technology with acquisition of Israeli start-up

Acquisition of Israeli software startups, focusing on the technological capabilities of Israeli startups

NVIDIA to Acquire GPU Orchestration Software Provider Run:ai | NVIDIA Blog

🟦 Nvidia strengthens AI technology with acquisition of Israeli startup Run:AI

U.S. semiconductor giant Nvidia (NVIDIA) has announced the acquisition of Run:ai, an Israeli GPU management technology developer for AI workloads with the aim of streamlining AI data processing and helping customers operate their GPUs. The purchase price is not disclosed, but according to reports, it is estimated to be on the scale of 700 million dollars (about 110 billion yen).

Founded in 2018 by researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel, LanAI is a company that develops infrastructure orchestration and management technologies, including technologies that streamline the utilization of GPU cluster resources for AI workloads.

🟦Leverage AI data processing software

LanAI software can improve the processing speed of AI data. By utilizing AI data processing software, we can accelerate AI data processing for client companies and contribute to cost reduction.

We have been collaborating with NVIDIA since 2020, and NVIDIA’s GPU operation software “NVIDIA AI Enterprise” is integrated with LANAI software. Israel has a high concentration of AI-related startups, and the acquisition of LanAI will lead to the strengthening of NVIDIA’s AI technology.


Nvidia has acquired Run:ai, an Israeli AI startup. With this acquisition, Nvidia is expected to enhance its AI technology and further drive the efficiency of AI data processing.

Israel is the scene of active political debates, but emerging technology companies are actively developing and attracting attention from around the world.

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