Plans to return to the cutting edge at Intel 2025?

Intel announces process roadmap to 2025

🟩 Renaming Process Nodes

Intel has published a roadmap for five generations of process technology through 2025. At the same time, Intel renamed the process node.

Old → New Process Node
10nm+ → Intel7(nm)

7nm → Intel4(nm)
7nm+ → Intel3(nm)
5nm → Intel 20A

5nm+ → Intel 18A

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🟩 Align with foundries such as TSMC

Intel’s competitors TSMC and Samsung Electronics used smaller numbers for process nodes to make performance look better when compared to similar processes. It was actually no secret that Intel’s 10nm and TSMC 7nm were equivalent. US>This change in Intel process name makes it more consistent with the industry and easier to understand for users of Intel Foundry Services (IFS).


5nmから名称変更されたIntel 20Aは20オングストロームはを表している。オングストロームはナノメートルよりも小さい単位で20Å= 2nmです。だだし、ほかのプロセスノード名と同様にIntel 20Aは製品の特定プロセスの幅を表しているわけではない。


🟩 まとめ

Intel plans to return to the forefront of the Angstrom generation by 2025

CEO Pat Gelsinger confidently promised to restore Intel’s superiority and credibility, so I feel like we’re going to achieve it.

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