🟦iPad Pro with M4 chip released!

60x increase in AI processing power for unlimited creative possibilities

🟦iPad Pro with M4 chip released!

Apple has newly installed the new iPad Pro with a high-performance chip “M4”. The M4 is Apple’s proprietary semiconductor, which is even more power-efficient than its predecessor and has a thinner and lighter design. Fundamental improvements to the CPU, GPU, neural engine, and memory system also support modern AI-powered applications.

Apple has adopted the M4 for the new iPad Pro instead of the M3 that has been on the MacBook Pro since 2023. The reason for this is that the M4 is more power-efficient. The M4 delivers the same performance as the M2 at half the power and significantly improves battery life.

Apple M Series-based devices

  • November 2020: M1 (N5)
    • MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air
  • October 2021: M1 Pro, M1 Max (N5)
    • MacBook Pro, Mac Studio
  • March 2022: M1 Ultra (N5)
    • Mac Studio
  • June 2022: M2 (N5P)
    • MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air, Vision Pro
  • January 2023: M2 Pro, M2 Max (N5P)
    • MacBook Pro, Mac Studio
  • June 2023: M2 Ultra (N5P)
    • Mac Studio
  • November 2023: M3, M3 Pro, M3 Max (N3)
    • MacBook Pro, MacBook Air
  • May 2024: M4 (N3E)
    • iPad Pro

🟦60x increase in AI processing power



  • CPU性能:最大1.5倍向上
  • GPU性能:最大4倍向上
  • ニューラルエンジン性能:最大60倍向上

🟦 まとめ

Apple has unveiled the long-awaited iPad Pro with the M4 chip. With more incredible processing power and power efficiency than ever before, the M4 chip makes editing, designing, gaming, and all your creative work faster than ever. With the industry’s highest AI performance, you can have a new experience that is beyond your imagination.

It has been decided to change the edition to “M4” in a short period of six months from “M3” announced in November 2023. This suggests that there has been a surge in demand for AI-related features and an increase in the development efficiency of M-series chips.

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