Bankruptcy? What is China’s semiconductor giant?

Chinese semiconductor giant "Ziguang Group" to go bankrupt

🟩 What is the “Purple Light Group”?

Tsinghua Unigroup is a group of companies with a large number of Chinese semiconductor companies. Tsinghua University Science and Technology Development Corporation was established in 1993 as the parent organization. A company that acquired semiconductor and high-tech enterprises in China and became the center of China’s semiconductor industry.

🟩 Major semiconductor companies under its umbrella

YangtzeMemory Technologies

YangtzeMemory Technologies. (YMTC), the only fab in China that can generate both 3DNAND memory and logic.
Founded in July 2016 in Wuhan, China, YangtzeMemory Technologies Co. (“YMTC”) is an IDM memory company specializing in the design, manufacture and sale of 3D NAND flash memory. YMTC provides solutions such as 3D NAND wafers, dies, and embedded memories, cSSDs, and eSSDs for a wide range of applications such as mobile devices, PCs, and data centers.

Unisoc Technologies

UNISOC currently occupies a large part of China’s smartphone SoC market and is China’s second-largest mobile phone chipset maker after HiSilicon.
UNISOC is a leading fabless semiconductor company based in China. It is one of the few chip design companies in the world with communication technology for all scenarios supporting 2G/3G/4G/5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, TV, satellite communication, etc. It boasts comprehensive chip design technology. Its products cover mobile communication application processors, baseband, AI, RF, RFFE, and other communication, computing, and control chipset platforms.

Ziguang Guoxin Microelectronics
Ziguang Guoxin Microelectronics is a leading provider with a focus on the design and development of integrated circuit chips. It has formed a competitive situation and market in domestic and foreign manufacturers, products, applications, core business fields such as smart security chips, high-reliability special integrated circuits, and high-stable memory chips. It provides safe independent FPGAs, power semiconductor devices, and ultra-stable crystal frequency devices.

Unisplendour is an
IT hardware, software, and service provider and Unisplendour
that sells WesternDigital’s storage systems.

Unisplendour Corporation Limited (UNIS) was launched in China in 1999 by Tsinghua Unisplendour (Group) Co., Ltd. Founded by A-share listed technology companies specializing in electronics and information technology.

🟩 Conclusion

“Purple Light Group” goes bankrupt, to rebuild under the leadership of the court

Since the Shiko Group has been in effect default since last year, the subsidiary’s business is expected to continue. It will also have a major impact on “Made in China 2025,” which aims to make the semiconductor industry self-sufficient, so there will be support from the Chinese government.

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