Apple announces the processor “A15” for “iPhone13”

Apple Announces New Smartphone Model 'iPhone13'

🟩Announcing the iPhone processor “A15”

Apple has announced the iPhone13. The processor has been upgraded from the A14 Bionic to the A15 Bionic. The A15 is manufactured on TSMC’s 5nm process. The 5nm process is also used in the previous generation A14.

Apple says “other processors are trying to catch up with Apple’s processors from two years ago.” However, in reality, the performance of the “A15” does not seem to be much different from that of the “A14”.

🟩 The performance of the A15 is twice that of other companies’ products

Apple did not compare the CPU and GPU performance of the A15 to its competitors compared to its predecessor, the A14. It claims that the new “A15” is twice as good as Qualcomm’s CPU. The number of transistors in the A15 is 15 billion, which is significantly more than the 11.8 billion transistors of the A14. However, the performance gains are not expected to be significant.

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Battery performance

As a feature of the iPhone13, it is designed to be used for longer use time due to its large capacity battery. The processor “A15” also seems to have aimed for high power efficiency rather than focusing on performance.


iPhone processor “A15” does not see a significant CPU improvement, but it improves power efficiency andcontributes to the good battery lifeof “iPhone 13”

The iPhone uses state-of-the-art processes, which is why it is leading the semiconductor industry. But with the price of new products rising slowly every year, how long will the iPhone business last?

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