🟦Intel losing market share to AMD

AMD Server CPU Share Expected to Exceed 22% by 2023

🟦Intel to lose server CPU share to AMD

According to Trendforce, AMD predicts that its server CPU market share will rise from 2022% in 15 to 2023% by 22. This is because the start of mass production of Intel’s Xeon Sapphire Rapids for next-generation servers has been delayed. Sapphire Arabids was originally scheduled to arrive in 2021. However, it was scheduled to be released in 2022. It ended up being in mass production in 2023, more than a year behind the original plan.

Intel’s new process yields are poor

Currently the yield rate of Sapphire la Rapids is estimated at 50-60%. This is due to the new Intel 7 process.

🟦AMD’s Next Generation and Reversal

The Sapphire Arabitz was initially expected to be a competitor to AMD’s Milan, which will be manufactured at TSMC 7nm. However, due to delays in mass production, mass production is likely to start later than Milan’s next-generation 5nm Genoa.

  • Server CPU
    • AMD (Process) / Intel (Process)
      • 2021 Milan(7nm) / IceLake-SP(10nm)
      • 2022 Genoa (5nm)
      • 2023 Bergamo(5nm) / Sapphire Rapids (Intel7)


Delay in launching series of Intel’s server CPUs is expected to boost AMD’s server CPU share

Even if we say that AMD will lose market share, 8% is still Intel.

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