🟦OPPO partners with Qualcomm

China OPPO collaborates with Qualcomm on MR goggles

🟦OPPO partners with Qualcomm on MR goggles

Chinese smartphone giant OPPO announced that it will collaborate with US semiconductor giant Qualcomm to develop goggles for MR (mixed reality). OPPO develops MR-compatible goggles OPPO MR Glass Developer Edition. The OPPO MR goggles will use Snapdragon Spaces. Snapdragon Spaces is Qualcomm’s XR development platform. Includes software development kits for leading 3D engines such as Unreal Engine.
MR can be expressed as a character in the game running around while dodging objects in real space. This technology further enhances the sense of unity compared to AR, which overlays digital information on the real scenery seen through the lens.

🟦Making AR and MR terminals a new source of revenue

OPPO, along with Xiaomi and Vivo, is a major Chinese smartphone company that is in the top 5 market share in the world. Vivo and OPPO are part of the same BBK Group. Due to the deterioration of the performance of the smartphone business, OPPO has discontinued its in-house development of semiconductors for smartphones. We aim to develop AR and MR terminals into new revenue sources in the future. OPPO expects the adoption of XR technology to surge in the future.


China’s OPPO, Qualcomm Targeting MR Goggles as a New Revenue Source

This is OPPO’s strategy to seek wearable devices as the next source of revenue for smartphones.

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