Which fabless semiconductor manufacturers will grow in the future?

of fabless semiconductor manufacturers in the first quarter of 2021What kind of manufacturers will be ranked in the future?

🟩There won’t be any major changes in the Top 10

Six of the top 10 manufacturers are in the U.S. and three in Taiwan, and
the other one is Dialog in the U.K., which Renesas plans to acquire.

Huawei subsidiary HiSilicon, which does not disclose sales, etc. are not included, but
sales should have fallen greatly due to the influence of the semiconductor embargo in 2020

The dominance of existing Top10 manufacturers will continue for some time

🟩The lineup of the Top 10 has not changed

Companies appearing in the 2018 ranking (3 years ago) have different rankings, but they are all the same

There is currently no sign that emerging manufacturers will rise to the top

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🟩 Is fabless hard to get into?

Fabless should be easy to enter by using semiconductor manufacturing contract companies such as TSMC, but why are emerging manufacturers not coming out on top?

Since fabless design technology is what it is, top manufacturers spend enormous development costs

The ratio of development costs and other administrative expenses to sales of nVIDIA Qualcomm Broadcom, the top three fabless semiconductor companies, is higher than Intel in IDM, and it takes a large development investment to become a top
fabless manufacturer


Fabless semiconductor maker Top will not see any major changes in the future

It will be quite difficult to send a fabless Top company from the Japan

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