🟦Global semiconductor sales @ May 2023

Global semiconductor sales in May 2023 were $5.407 billion, up slightly month-over-month and down significantly year-on-year

🟦 Global semiconductor sales @ May 2023

According to SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association), in May 2023, global semiconductor industry sales increased by 5.1% month-on-month, but decreased by 7.21% compared to the same period last year. On a regional basis, month-over-month sales increased slightly in all regions. On the other hand, year-on-year sales decreased except in Europe. SIA is expecting a market recovery after the third consecutive month of month-over-month growth.

🟦 Introduction of new technologies and economic recovery

The reasons for the increase in sales include the introduction of new technologies such as generative AI and the recovery of the economy. Conversely, the reasons for the decline in sales may be due to the effects of the surge in semiconductor demand in the previous year and differences in economic conditions by region.

  • Data by region (month-over-month):
    • China: up 3.9%
    • Europe: up 2.0%
    • Asia Pacific/All Others: -1.3%
    • Japan: up 0.4%
    • Americas: up 0.1%
  • Data by region (YoY):
    • Europe: up 5.9%
    • Japan: -5.5%
    • Americas: -22.6%
    • Asia Pacific/All Others: -23.0%
    • China: -29.5%


Global semiconductor sales in May 2023 were $5.407 billion, up slightly month-on-month but down significantly year-on-year. However, the month-on-month increase for the third consecutive month indicates expectations for a market recovery.

Since the semiconductor industry is an important element of the global economy, trends as a leading indicator of the economy affect the economic conditions of each region and other industries.

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