🟦DRAM Memory Market 2023/Q2

DRAM market is expected to recover with 20.2% growth in 2023 Q 4, and operating margin is expected to turn from loss to profit

🟦 Global DRAM Memory Market Q2023 2

According to Trendforce, the DRAM market in the second half of 2023 increased by 2.20% QoQ to $4.114 billion (about Â¥3.1 trillion). HBM shipments increased especially with the increase in demand for AI servers. This led to an increase in DRAM sales and an increase in industry overall revenue. The decline that had continued for three consecutive quarters was halted.

DRAM market contraction

  • Q2022 3 28.8%
  • Q2022 4 32.5%
  • Q2023 1 21.2%
  • Q2023 2 20.4% increase

🟦 Shipments increased at all three major DRAM companies

All three major DRAM suppliers saw an increase in shipments. SK Hynix in particular is showing remarkable growth.

Major DRAM companies

  • SK Hynix shipments
    increase by more than 35%, revenue increases by nearly 50%

  • Samsung
    Limited DDR5 processes, but shipments increased and revenue increased 8.6% sequentially
  • Micron
    sales up 15.7%


The DRAM market has witnessed a significant increase in revenue, impacted by AI server demand and increased DDR5 inventory. Recovery with 20.2% increase in 2023 Q4, operating margin expected to turn from loss to profit in 2023 Q3

 SK Hynix and Samsung have shown high growth. The overall market also saw an increase in sales compared to the previous quarter, and the semiconductor market as a whole is expected to continue to grow.

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