🟦Construction of TSMC’s Kumamoto plant begins

JASM Signs Corporate Location Agreement with Local Government

🟦Construction of TSMC’s subsidiary JASM’s Kumamoto plant begins

JASM, a subsidiary of TSMC, the world’s largest semiconductor foundry, held a signing ceremony for a location agreement with Kikuyo Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, where the plant is planned to be built. The signing ceremony was held in the presence of Kumamoto Prefecture Governor Ikuo Kamajima.
Construction of JASM’s foundry will begin on April 21, 2022, with shipments scheduled for December 2024. The plant will have a construction area of approximately 72,000 square meters and will include an office building in addition to the factory building.

🟦 Total investment increased by 10%

The company plans to invest approximately USD 8.6 billion (approximately JPY 1.1 trillion) in the new plant to produce 55,000 sheets per month (equivalent to 300mm wafers) of semiconductors with a 10 to 20 nm process. As of February 2022, $8.6 billion was about 980 billion yen in yen terms, but the amount of investment increased by about 10% in yen conversion due to the rapid depreciation of the yen.
JASM plans to employ approximately 1,700 people, with approximately 320 from TSMC and approximately 200 from Sony. Initially, we assumed that there would be about 1,500 jobs, so that means that 200 more people from Sony will be employed. It is said that 10 engineers arrived from Taiwan as the first group in March 2022.

  • Breakdown of 1,700 employees
    • 320 people from Taiwan
    • 200 from Sony
    • New hires: 1,200


TSMC signs business location agreement, increasing total investment by 10%

TSMC’s new plant is planned to receive subsidies of approximately 400 billion yen from the Japan government. I want them to make a solid profit with Japan and return it by paying taxes.

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