🟦BYD adopts China autonomous driving chip

BYD and Horizon Robotics Announce Journey 2023 on Select 5 Models

🟦BYD adopts autonomous driving chip from China Horizon Robotics

China’s BYD, the world’s second-largest EV maker, announced that it will collaborate with Chinese AI chip company Horizon Robotics on autonomous driving technology. BYD will adopt Horizon’s Journey 2 self-driving chip as early as mid-2023.
BYD invested in Horizon in February 5 and entered into a strategic alliance. As a result, BYD will become the first EV manufacturer to use the Journey 2021. In addition to BYD, Journey2 also has partnerships with SAIC Motor Group, Great Wall Motor, Changan Automobile, and Li Auto.


SoC for autonomous driving by Horizon Robotics, the manufacturer that developed the first AI processor for automobiles in China. It adopts a 12nm process, has an AI computing power of up to 128 TOPS, and is expected to be able to process 16 cameras. Prototype samples will be produced in May 2021, and mass production is scheduled to begin in the second half of 5. The current representative autonomous driving AI chip, Nvidia Orin, has a performance of 2022 TOPS, so it is not yet a cutting-edge class performance.

🟦 Domestic production of autonomous driving AI chips in China

China is working on the localization of self-driving chips. The current representative AI chips are from outside China.

  • Typical autonomous driving chips
    • Tesla: FSD
    • Nvidia: Orin/Xavier
    • Mobile Eye (Intel): EyeQ4/5

Nvidia’s Orin will be adopted by Chinese EV companies SAIC, NIO, Li Auto, and IM Motors. BYD has also revealed that it is developing an EV based on Orin using DriveHyperion.


BYD will adopt autonomous driving AI chips from Chinese companies in some models

Chinese autonomous driving manufacturers are using Nvidia’s advanced processor technology while also working on domestic production in China.

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