🟦BMW switches saddle from Intel to Qualcomm

Qualcomm and BMW form long-term strategic alliance for joint development of autonomous driving

🟦BMW to jointly develop autonomous driving with Qualcomm

BMW has announced a long-term collaboration with Qualcomm and Arriver on BMW’s next-generation autonomous driving Soutofair platform. It will be developed based on the software platform “BMWAutomated Driving”, which was first introduced in the “iX” EV released in 2021. Qualcomm offers computer vision SoCs for cameras and high-performance ADAS central computing controller SoCs.

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It is a spin-off company from Beonia (formerly Autolib) in Sweden that develops image recognition software for autonomous driving. It was acquired by Qualcomm in 2021 for $4.5 billion and is responsible for the development of Qualcomm’s self-driving platform, Snapdragon Ride.

🟦 Autonomous driving development to be replaced by Intel

BMW and Intel have partnered to develop autonomous vehicles since 2016. Currently, we are developing autonomous driving with semiconductors from Mobileye, which is a subsidiary of Intel. Collaborating with Qualcomm on autonomous driving development means switching sides from Intel. However, our relationship with Intel is not ending anytime soon. In fact, Qualcomm’s chips are scheduled to be adopted from 2025 and will be built on the results of collaboration with Intel. Level 3 or higher autonomous driving chips (shaded in the upper right) will be replaced by Qualcomm from Intel.

Source: BMW


BMW switches from Intel to jointly develop autonomous driving with Qualcomm

Intel is losing market share in CPUs due to delays in the development of advanced processes. Chips for autonomous driving were also replaced by BMW with Qualcomm due to delays in development.

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