🟦 Smartphone SoC Market Share @ 2021

Android smartphone SoC market, Qualcomm in the high price range, MediaTech in the low price range

🟦 Smartphone SOC Market Share

According to Counterpoint, global Android smartphone SoC sales increased by 3.6% year-on-year in 2021. MediaTek topped the overall market with a 46% share, followed by Qualcomm with a 35% share. Most of MediaTek’s market share growth was due to its low- to mid-price range (less than $299).

🟦Android Smartphone SoC Maker

Android SoCs account for most of the market with the top 5 companies. Although not in the top five, Google, which adopted a custom SoC “Tensor” for Pixel smartphones in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, has represented a share in the high price range of over $500.

  • Top 5 Android SoC Manufacturers
    • Taiwan MediaTech
    • Qualcomm, USA
    • Korea Samsung Electronics
    • China UNISOC
    • China High Silicon


It has gained a 62% share of LTE smartphones in the low price range under $99. For smartphones in the mid- to low-end range where the Dimensity 700 and 800 are the mainstay between $100 and $299, MediaTek had a 52% share. This is because realme, Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo and others have adopted it for 5G for China, India, the United States and Europe. Dimensity 1100/1200 also increased its share in the mid- to low-end range from 6% last year to 24%. In addition, with the launch of the Dimensity 8100/8000, we aim to expand our market share in the mid- to low-end range. Dimensity9000 also aims to secure a 10% share of smartphones in the high-priced range by 2022. Dimensity9000 is expected to be adopted by Chinese manufacturers such as OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi and HONOR.


Due to semiconductor shortages, the company increased revenue by increasing the supply of the high-priced Snapdragon 7,8 series. The Snapdragon870, 720G, 750G, and 778G have captured 65% of the market share of mid- to low-end smartphones under $500 from the flagship $300. With the launch of the Snapdragon888, 8Gen1, the market share has increased by 55% on high-priced smartphones over $500. In the future, the Snapdragon 8 gen1 will be produced not only by Samsung Electronics but also by TSMC and two other companies to address the shortage of supply.


Samsung lost significantly its share in the mid- to low-to-high and high-end ranges. Due to quality problems caused by heat generation with the Exynos2100, the Galaxy series of our smartphones has expanded to adopt SoCs from Qualcomm and MediaTek.


It gained a 26% share of the market share in smartphones in the low price range of less than 100 dollars. realme, HONOR, Motorola and Samsung have launched smartphones powered by Tiger series SoCs.

High Silicon

We gained a 16% market share in high-priced smartphones, but our market share dropped significantly from 30% in the previous year. The 2021 share was reserved for chips stockpiled before the U.S. trade ban, and is expected to drop as inventory depletes. Parent company Huawei has already adopted Qualcomm’s SoCs, but it won’t be able to get 5G chips.


Android smartphone SoC market: Qualcomm and MediaTek oligopoly advance

Qualcomm > MediaTek > UNISOC is becoming a structure.

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